Finding Your Happy Place

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to share something with someone, but you don’t want them to judge you? The feeling like you want to tell the truth, but you’re too scared to? That’s how I feel (sometimes, anyway).

So.. I am starting this blog so that I can be able to share stuff and advice with you guys without getting judged (hopefully)

My name is StarGirl (not my real name, my blog name), and I am going to write about tips on life, happines… Anything you guys want! Just leave a suggestion in the comments, and I might write about it!

I don’t think anyone enjoys being judged or talked about badly, right? So this blog will be non-judgemental. Anything that you say in the comments I will accept and not judge you for it.

We should all be free to be ourselves, no matter who that may be.

This may seem like a weird intro to a blog, but I want you guys (if anyone does read this) to know that you can always find a safe place.

The other day, I did a relaxation exercise that made me feel… I don’t know, happy and calm I guess. I don’t remember it exactly, but I can try to write about it:


Close your eyes and think of a place. It can be any place, as long as it makes you feel happy and safe. Visualize this place in your head. What sounds do you hear? What smells do you smell?

Now picture yourself going to your own safe space in this place. Try to imagine yourself walking to your safe space. Nothing can harm you here.

Picture someone you trust coming to your safe space. If you don’t like the person that appears, send them away until you find the perfect one. Ask the person, “What makes me calm?”

What does the person answer? Whatever they do answer, try doing that to make yourself relax. Then get up, and walk slowly away from your safe space. You’re not leaving forever – remember, this is your safe space. You can come back whenever you want.


I really hope this exercise helped you guys relax! I know it helped me. Let me know in the comments if it did or didn’t. Also leave any suggestions for other blog posts!

StarGirl xx


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