All You Need Is Love

Hey guys!

So, take a look at this picture. What catches your attention the most? That’s right – the word LOVE.

The word love is a powerful word. It can mean many things – that someone will always be there for you, that they are the right person for you… And most importantly of all, it is used as a word of affection.

The subject of love has even been used in countless hit songs, which just proves its power even more.

When I think of the word love, or when someone tells me they love me, I get this really good feeling inside. It’s like all warm and fuzzy and just… A nice feeling to have.

After looking at this picture and reading this post, think of something or someone you love, and tell them so! It will brighten up their day! All you need is love! (I did not mean to steal that from the Beatles btw)

Comment on what the word “love” makes you feel! Leave any suggestions on new blog ideas!

Stargirl xx


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