Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Hey guys!

So lets talk eyes. The color of your eyes can be a big factor of the kind of eye makeup you can wear.

I have hazel eyes, and I have struggled in finding eye makeup that makes me and my eyes look good.

But, thanks to Pintrest, I have successfully managed to find some makeup that highlights the color of my eyes.

If any of you out there have hazel eyes, you should definetly try this. It will make the georgeous color of your eyes stand out!

Btw, I will put pictures at the end, just in case the instructions don’t make any sense to you.

You will need:

– 1 small makeup brush (for applying eye shadow)

– 1 big makeup brush (for “mixing it together” at the end)

– Brown eye shadow

– Gold eye shadow or similar

– Mascara (optional)


Step 1: Apply brown eye shadow to to the right and left of your eyelid using the small brush. Keep the middle empty

Step 2: Apply the gold eye shadow to the middle using the small brush.

Step 3: Take the big brush and gently stroke your whole eyelid, so that the colors get blended together

Step 4 (optional): Apply some mascara, and you’re ready to go!


Let me know how this goes for you! If any of you guys has other makeup tips, let me know!

Stargirl xx


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