DIY Room Ideas

Hey guys!

Have you ever looked around at your room and thought, something’s missing?

This is how I felt a few days ago. So, I came up with a few DIY ideas to decorate your room!

1. Dream Jar

You will need:

– A Mason jar (or any other jar)

– A labeling sticker

– A sharpie


1. Write the word “Dreams” on the labeling sticker using a sharpie

2. Put the sticker on the Mason jar

3. Write down any dreams/wishes that you have on pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in the jar

4. (Optional) Create a fun design on the lid of the Mason jar



2. Washi Tape Light Switch

You will need:

– Washi tape (whichever color/design you prefer)

– A light switch (which is probably already attached to your wall)


1. Pick out your favorite Washi tape design/colors

2. Plan out how you’re going to put the tape on the switch

3. Stick the tape on the switch and voilà (fancy word !) you have a colorful light switch!

Note: You can also use Washi tape to decorate the outlets in your wall



3. Flower Lights

You will need:

– Cupcake liners (different colors)

– Scissors

– Christmas lights (I think white or soft yellow light looks best)


1. Cut the cupcake liners into flower and leaf shapes, leave a hole in the middle

2. Tape them to the back of the light



4. Clothesline Holders to hold… Anything!

You will need:

– Clothesline (or strong string)

– Clothespins

– Your picture/decoration


1. Hang the clothesline from one side of your wall the another

2. Attach the clothespins to the clothesline

3. Take the pictures/decoration that you want and clip them to the clothespins



5. Inspirational Picture Wall

You will need:

– Black (or whichever color you prefer) tape

– A picture frame

– Pictures


1. Pick out your pictures. They can be cool, inspirational, things that make you happy, even quotes! (Make sure all the pictures are the same size!)

2. Add your tape around the edge of the frame. If you want, you can just keep the frame as it is and not add the tape.

3. Glue your pictures to the frame. Make sure they are even and straight!



Hope this helps with any of your DIY room projects! Let me know how this goes for you! Leave a comment down below for what you want me to post about next week.

Stargirl xx






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