Megaslicks BALM STAIN Lipstick Review

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve had a lovely week wherever you are in the world !!

Earlier this week I had to go to an event that was causal but you still feel like you have to dress nicely (if you’ve ever felt like that before).

I had my outfit all ready, all I needed was a touch of makeup. While searching through my makeup drawer, I came across this:


This is Megaslicks Wet ‘n Wild BALM STAIN Moisturizing Lip Color in Rico Mauve (yes it’s a long name, I know). At first glance, it may seem sort of dry, like it won’t really go onto your lips properly. But if you payed attention to the label, it said wet n’ wild.

I had some doubts about it at first, but when I put it on it was smooth and easily applied to my lips. To be honest, it felt more like a lip gloss. So… I think they invented lipgloss in lipstick form..?

Anyway. They are not kidding when they say balm stain. Β The lipstick lasts a long time, which is a bonus.Β I only had to reapply the lipstick once throughout the entire day. ONCE !! And that was with me eating and drinking like I normally do.

Also, I really like the color. It’s a nice shade of pink, not too dark and not too light. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that at the end of the day when I looked in the mirror the pink was a little pinker then when I put it on in the morning, but I guess it dries that way.

Heres some more pictures:


This is it without the cap. You can see the dent I left in it when I used it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


This is the color of the lipstick. I don’t know if the color of my skin affects how it looks, but this is pretty much it.


Let’s just list out all the things about this product one more time:

– The lipstick is moist and easy to apply

– The lipstick stays a long time on your lips (yay!)

– The color is really pretty!!

I really like this lipstick, and recommend that you use it too. It’s great for casual events as well as day wear, and is a lovely color for spring!

Here’s a link Β in case any of you are interested in buying it.

Let me know if you try this lipstick! What do you think? Just tell me in the comments πŸ™‚

Stargirl xx




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