Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Perfume

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve had a good week! To start off, I would just like to take a breath.. This week has been crazy for me!! I had all my exams (today were the last ones!!) but now I am back and exam-free!

Last weekend I took a trip to Victoria’s Secret, just to check out their beauty products. My friend had used them and recommended them to me, so I checked them out online and they looked pretty cool! So I decided it was time for a trip to Victoria’s Secret.

When I walked into the store the first thing I saw was their perfume/body care section. I headed straight over there, and must have spent half and hour looking and smelling all their different perfumes and body lotions, and at last I found one that I LOVED. The problem was, it was just a sample, and they were out of stock of the real product. I was so upset, but luckily the lovely manager gave me two free samples (you know, those really cute mini-perfumes!!) and I wanted to share it with you today!



This is the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume. It has an elegant/girly/sweet sort of smell, which is why I love it so much. You can wear it pretty much anywhere, and I have been using it all week. Also, can we take a moment to look at how cute the packaging of this sample is?? Love the bow 🎀<3

That’s it for this week!! What’s your favorite Victoria’s Secret beauty item? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading ❤

Stargirl xx


Favorite Eye Makeup!

Hello everyone!

So this week I was feeling a lot of love for my eye makeup, and wanted to show you my two favorite eye products I have used from April until now.


These are the Blue Eyes eyeshadow palette and the Neutrogena  Weightless Volume mascara. These products are amazing. I will do a review of each and then sum it all up in the end.

Blue Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

I am in love with this palette. First of all, there is a lot of selection, so you can easily mix up your look without buying a million of those mini-eyeshadow things. The colors in this palette are really pretty, and I love mixing them together to create different and bolder colors. Again, love love love this eyeshadow!!


Neutrogena Weightless Volume Mascara

This mascara is probably one of my favorite mascaras I have used this year. It is super easy to apply in the morning and comes off quickly at night with a makeup remover wipe. I know I don’t like it when you have to rub really hard to get mascara off. This mascara is not like that, which is a big bonus! The black of this mascara is described as “super black,” and believe me, it is. It really makes your lashes stand out and it just ties your whole look together.

Again, I love everything about these two products, and often use them together (eye collab!!) to create anything from a light spring/summer look to a smoky eye.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and see you Wednesday!!

Stargirl xx

True Friends

Hey guys!

Sorry I didn’t post anything on Friday. I was super busy because:

a) it was my birthday

b) I had a BIG test on Tuesday and was stuck studying

c) I had family visiting and was with them

So you can see how it was pretty hard to find time in between all of this to write a post.

Anyway! For this week’s wonderful Wednesday post, I wanted to talk about friends (and no, not the show, although I love it!!).

This week was pretty stressful for me, and I was so so happy and lucky to have my friends to guide me through everything and there so I could just.. Vent. So this morning, I was thinking about how my friends impact my life so much. Like for example, my best friend. I can be myself around her, and she won’t judge me or care, and she’s the same way with me. Like when she came to my house, for about three hours all we did was listen to Taylor Swift and dance around my room, talk, and binge watch “Jane The Virgin” (best show ever!).

See? I don’t know if you have a friend like that in your life, but when you do have that friend, it’s just such a great feeling. If you have to act like a completely different person around your friends then they are not true friends. True friends don’t care what you look like or if you have a different opinion than them.They are always there for you, and that is what makes them so special.


Here’s a quote I found online about friends, and I thought it was so great! Really gets you thinking about your friendships 

Do you have a friend like that in your life? What are they like? Comment down below what you think and one reason you love your friends. Thanks for reading and see you Friday!!

Stargirl xx

Favorite Quotes

Hey guys!

This week I looked up a bunch of quotes because I was in the need of something inspiring, and I thought you might enjoy them also, so here are a list of my top 5 favorite quotes that I chose:




And there you go, my top 5 favorite quotes! Comment down below which quote was your favorite! Thanks for reading 🙂

Stargirl xx

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Review

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday! This week I absolutely fell in love with this bareMinerals lipgloss, so look forward to a nice long review 😂


This is the bareMinerals Marvelous Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in the colors Charmer and Spark Plug. I have a few things to say about this lipgloss. First of all I LOVE bareMinerals, so no surprise that this lipgloss was amazing. Second of all, isn’t it awesome that someone finally invented a double lipgloss?? I cannot get over that!

The lipgloss comes in a set of three other colors besides these, but I decided to do the review on my favorite colors of the set (Charmer and Spark Plug)

Since the lipgloss came with two sides, I will do a quick review of each side and then summarize everything about it at the end.

The Charmer Side

The side of the lipgloss in the color Charmer was my favorite of the two col0rs. It’s a really pretty light pink, and to me is very happy. It’s great for daywear, especially in the spring and summer, and goes with pretty much everything. I have been wearing the Charmer side of the lipgloss so much this week, and absolutely love it!!


The Spark Plug Side

The Spark Plug color side (I don’t know why they named it that) is darker than the Charmer side, and for me would be worn with a more sophisticated look. It is still a really pretty color though. It is a darker pink with sort of magenta/red accents to it (it’s harder to explain the color for this side !) Anyway, I think the Spark Plug side of the lipgloss is really nice, and I have already worn it once for an evening out with my friend.



These are what the colors look like on

Let’s list out the things about it one more time:

– The colors are pretty

– It’s double sided (yay!!)

– It can be worn for casual and formal events

I really love this lipgloss, and recommend you use it also. It has been by far my favorite lip product this month so far!!

Here’s a link in case any of you are interested in buying it:

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and see you Wednesday!

Stargirl xx


10 Facts About Me!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend. For this week’s Wonderful Wednesday post, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself, just so that you guys can get to know me a little better. So here we go!

1. My favorite/lucky number is 13

2. My favorite color is purple, especially lilac

3. I have curly hair (which I’m pretty sure you knew already)

4. My favorite movie series is Harry Potter (I used to have a crush on Ron Weasly 😂)

5. My favorite food is CUPCAKES ❤

6. My favorite YouTubers are Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg), PointlessBlog (aka Alfie Deyes) and Superwoman (aka Lily Singh)

7. I LOVE the store Lush (hmm maybe I’ll do a Lush post soon..)

8. My favorite show is “Friends”

9. I speak 3 languages (one of them sign language!! Well, sort of sign language)

10. I started my blog on February 27, 2016

Well there you go, 1o facts about me! Comment down below if you are like me in any way from what I just listed! Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and see you Friday!

Stargirl xx