bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Review

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday! This week I absolutely fell in love with this bareMinerals lipgloss, so look forward to a nice long review 😂


This is the bareMinerals Marvelous Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in the colors Charmer and Spark Plug. I have a few things to say about this lipgloss. First of all I LOVE bareMinerals, so no surprise that this lipgloss was amazing. Second of all, isn’t it awesome that someone finally invented a double lipgloss?? I cannot get over that!

The lipgloss comes in a set of three other colors besides these, but I decided to do the review on my favorite colors of the set (Charmer and Spark Plug)

Since the lipgloss came with two sides, I will do a quick review of each side and then summarize everything about it at the end.

The Charmer Side

The side of the lipgloss in the color Charmer was my favorite of the two col0rs. It’s a really pretty light pink, and to me is very happy. It’s great for daywear, especially in the spring and summer, and goes with pretty much everything. I have been wearing the Charmer side of the lipgloss so much this week, and absolutely love it!!


The Spark Plug Side

The Spark Plug color side (I don’t know why they named it that) is darker than the Charmer side, and for me would be worn with a more sophisticated look. It is still a really pretty color though. It is a darker pink with sort of magenta/red accents to it (it’s harder to explain the color for this side !) Anyway, I think the Spark Plug side of the lipgloss is really nice, and I have already worn it once for an evening out with my friend.



These are what the colors look like on

Let’s list out the things about it one more time:

– The colors are pretty

– It’s double sided (yay!!)

– It can be worn for casual and formal events

I really love this lipgloss, and recommend you use it also. It has been by far my favorite lip product this month so far!!

Here’s a link in case any of you are interested in buying it:

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post and see you Wednesday!

Stargirl xx



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