Favorite Makeup Tools!

Hello everyone!

While doing my makeup recently, I took a look at all my brushes etc. and thought: how could we be doing makeup the way we do without these? I feel like we don’t acknowledge makeup tools enough (I am so weird lol), which is why I am writing this post! I want to “acknowledge” my three most favorite/useful makeup tools. Enjoy!:)

1. The Beauty Blender

Ah, the Beauty Blender. Where would we be without it? It makes it so easy to blend everything from under eye concealer to contour. My Beauty Blender is probably my favorite out of the three tools in this post. I have used a Beauty Blender ever since I started wearing makeup, and it just makes life so much easier! Beauty Blender, I love you.



2. e.l.f Ultimate Blending Brush

I absolutely love this brush. You can use it to blend everything – I mean, everything. And who doesn’t love blending? I also love e.l.f brushes, they are not that expensive, but get the job done really well.


3. e.l.f Eyeshadow “C” Brush

And here we are with another e.l.f brush. They are just so amazing! This brush is my favorite eyeshadow brush ever. It’s great for blending, helps make an awesome smoky look, and is just the best. It works for just about every look you’re going for! I love love love this brush!!


And those are my top three favorite makeup tools! Hope you enjoyed the post! Like + comment to let me know what you think! Thanks for reading ❤

Stargirl xx


5 thoughts on “Favorite Makeup Tools!

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    The beauty blender is my top right now! Love it! I will definitely need to try those elf brushes! Right now I am trying out some dupes for the Artis oval brushes! Those are some pretty fun ones!

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